Sharing the dream, co-training with a friend.

Granada, Nicaragua, strength training, bambooo fitness on the street

Today, I am over the moon because I am sharing my time with Chris and Bertina with a friend now who is such a pleasure to be around that it adds a new happiness to the class and all that we are trying to achieve. My friend Cecilia, who has joined our strength training class is the kind of person that sort of effortlessly brings goodwill to a room, or in this case a park or gym, where today we are pushing through some incredible exercise challenges (set up this time by Chris) to test our physical limits.

In a class situation, even if I get to handpick the members (which I do in this case) and they are all my friends who I enjoy and respect for different reasons, I don’t want to feel their emotional or mental resistance to giving their 100% to the task ahead. I like and admire Cecilia because she has that rare attitude of putting everything on the line to get things done in the right way that does her credit and magnetically draws people in around her.

Today, Chris worked us intensively with constant resistance. Our bodies were deeply lowered into squats walking side to side like boxers with legs restricted at the thighs by resistance bands. Our core region was tested by disciplined planks (3 reps 1 minute each) and then vigorously drilled with mountain climber and reptile leg movements. Our hips were awakened to lift up and out against resistance bands wrapped around our ankles. Then while on our backs, elusive glutes were targeted and pushed upward, working us from compromising positions that Chris likes to quip our mothers told us never to do (we’re doing them on video in the middle of Parque Xalteva, watch us now, Mom!).

300 reps was our goal for the hour and together laughing and sharing jokes about the nature of men and women (no charge for the sex education) we achieve it all together.

This was the kind of inspiring, happy morning that can power me through a day with a smile on my face for other challenges that are not fitness related. When I remember that Bertina’s fitness mantra, “One more day!” doesn’t just mean that I walk away after class with a tighter butt or arms carved out for strapless dresses. I start my day united with an awesome group of friends that are not only on a journey with me to improve the health and beauty of our bodies but the happiness and sense of well-being that fills our hearts.

The right spirit taking that journey along side of you takes the whole experience to new levels. Thank you, Cecilia for being a part of that journey and being that special spirit. It is joyful to share this with you.

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