Month 5: Navigating the Holidays

Granada, Nicaragua, strength training, bench jumping

One ten-day trip to the States and I am feeling like I am back at the beginning. Of everything. Not just my fitness routine, but rediscovering my whole purpose of being here in Nicaragua. It was a whirlwind adventure to California and we were immersed in family and culture until the very last moments before checking-in to depart. There was no physical time or mental space for yoga, planking, meditation or strength training. It was a complete break from the normal Granada routine to which I have spent months dedicating myself.

Upon our return to Granada, my son and I arrived with hacking chest colds that required 15 hours nights of sleep and a lot of convalescing around the house. I felt emptied out, the house was too still, there was no routine yet reestablished and I sensed it intensely: I had lost my Granada groove. I felt like panicking. Was this culture shock? Was this being sick? I couldn’t see the color of my city, I couldn’t feel its natural beat that has long kept my own internal rhythm steady. For five days, I wavered on the brink of despair. Why couldn’t I see the glow of my life?

Ronn came to my rescue, as always, happily agreeing to an 8:00 yoga class on New Year’s Day. I made sure to be in the house by midnight and Aiden and I watched the fireworks from bed and the front gate before turning out the light. I strongly believe in the Russian tradition of beginning the New Year doing the activities that you intend to do for the entirety of the rest of the year. A sort walk the talk method of making resolutions. The best outcome of hitting all the activities on my list before going to bed tonight (including this one to not go to sleep without writing) was that I was reminded about all the special things that I love to do, that make my life worth living for me. All of them are based firmly here in Granada for the moment and although the town gets turned upside down with tourists on January 1st, I keenly felt my connection reestablished throughout the day.

I have my own routine planned for the next few days until Thursday when I meet up with Bertina for what is probably a mystery location workout- my favorite! I got the text earlier this morning to meet at 7:30 in front of Hotel Granada which means that we will be undoubtedly be filming my return into strength training with hopefully some residual capability that I can count on from everything I have done over the last four months. Yes, that is resting on my laurels but what are you going to do? The holidays are the holidays. They are predictably disruptive and jarring, taxing to our good health but there they are: necessary and part of yearly routine. So now the key is to get back to where we were and beyond.

We’ve got the whole year ahead of us to break new records and achieve new goals. This year my push ups are going to the ground, I am not missing a class or a session, I am going to keep planking daily for 5-10 minutes and dancing my way through my day in between. This year, I commit to being stronger and following the journey through my writing. This blog is going public and I can’t wait to take it there.

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