Celebrating 50 articles, my 9th month at the gym AND that I can move my toes again!

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From the beginning of my fitness journey, I strove to document the process of getting stronger and gunning for the best curves of my life. I needed a way to to talk about what I doing and the highs and lows of the process each week. This blog was a natural answer to my need to write about my physical life but it also was the perfect medium to display all the revealing imagery that was produced from filming my workouts.

I am now in my ninth month in my effort to train six days a week and am writing at this moment my fifty-first article to describe it.  If you have been following me for awhile, you will know that 8 weeks ago I was injured while training and have spent the last two months working out while also doing physical therapy. This traumatic event and recovery process has all been an important part of my journey. The setback was huge, but I importantly learned about my body’s ability to heal itself overtime.

50 articles, injury recovery, strength training, health, junior's gym, Granada, Nicaragua, exercise, 2

This week I am also celebrating that as a result of that therapy and my body’s healing process, I can move all of my toes again! This is a muscular victory and I have to work at it daily. I still cannot feel those toes on the ground and so there is still a neurological hurdle to face which may take more time. But I am enjoying a kind of faith that phase by phase, I will repair myself and regain all of my former movements and capabilities.

If I make a progress check in the mirror for how things are going visually, it can be somewhat challenging to be patient. There is so much that I want to accomplish, realistically it is going to take me years to get to where I want to be in terms of my physical strength and the strong but feminine female figure that I have in mind for myself.

But I now have a faith in that process, too. Not only can I look back at my earlier articles and see how far I have come, I recently had the benefit of asking an expert, someone who knows me well, if they could see a difference.

Last week while out to dinner with my 12 year old son, Aiden, I casually asked him, “Do I look stronger to you?”

I really had no idea what he would say! Aiden is really straightforward and he could have easily said something that might not have sounded so validating to all that I have done this year… But he answered that I looked a lot better. Definitely stronger.

He flatly said that I looked really weak before I started working out (gulp, kids are nothing but honest)! So then I asked him if he thought that all the time I spend on exercise and doing physical therapy was worth the effort? And I have to say that I really liked his answer.

Aiden said, “Well you have less time to work now that you do all this stuff at the gym, but you’ll probably live longer. So, you’ll have time to make up the work eventually, but at least you’ll get more years alive.

Good thinking, son! I would love to take those extra years alive!

So with that in mind, I am going to keep doing what I am doing every week and sharing this journey on this blog, which I have to say has brought me an incredible amount of satisfaction. I would still submit articles to Strength in Curves even if I were the only reader, which I was for the first six months of its existence. But now that I share my stories and thoughts about this part of my life with you all, it is even more satisfying and fun to post each week.

And there is one reader in particular, who has been especially loyal since the moment I said that I wanted to do this project in September, whom I love very much and am grateful for all his cheerleading along the way (although it was ’bout time really, considering that I even did all the basketball ‘away’ games for you…and the secret buddies, and the candy grams ;-)…).

This 51st celebratory article is dedicated in thanks for your friendship and encouragement, to you Paul.

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