Simple Tools

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One of the things that I admire about yoga and strength training is that you can accomplish an amazing fitness routine doing both disciplines and you hardly need any equipment at all.

Having said that, there are just a few items that my trainers like to include in my routine and they either help with comfort or to create that essential resistance that I need to get stronger.

And here they are:

A thick yoga mat. My yoga mat that I bought here in Nicaragua is too thin and there are times when I need to fold it over or borrow Bertina’s thick mat which has a luxurious extra 1/2 inch of foam to get through an exercise. I am still bony and some exercises just seem to target tender spots.

Resistance Bands for legs. These are the bands that we use in strength training. The resistance bands are essential for doing leg exercises that inevitably sculpt hips and butts. Today’s burn is tomorrow’s curve…

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Long Resistance Band for Arms and Legs (yoga).  Ronn loves to use these longer bands in class. We constantly use the bands for both arm and legs to either further loosen a muscle, or create resistance for sculpting upper arms.

Hand weights. You don’t need anything over 20 lbs to get started. Weights are really important for toning beautiful arms and creating more resistance in lower leg exercises like squats and lunges. Don’t bother getting adjustable weights. Trust me, just knowing that you have to change out the weight disks is a deterrent to using them. Get the sets that are super comfortable no matter what exercise you are doing.

Strength Training, Personal Fitness, Granada, Nicaragua, hand weights

Jump rope. You gotta jump! Wait until you see the jump roping video I am making! Jumping is so much fun and you can really challenge yourself whenever you want to get your blood moving or take out your stress. Bertina always warms me up with a 1-2 sets of 50, and you should, too.

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Exercise ball. I love the exercise ball for stretching out my back and also you cannot beat it for planking exercises.

Granada, Nicaragua, strength training, planks, personal fitness

Hand gloves. We spend a lot of time on our hands and with the weights, and gloves are nice to avoid having your grip slip when you start to sweat. I have one set that Bertina gave me which I love (these are hard to find in Nicaragua) but there is nothing stopping you from starting a collection. There are some super awesome gloves out there! You’ll see…

Other materials that I recommend are workout clothes! You don’t need an extensive collection but do put on something that is comfortable and cute. Shower, put on make-up and do your hair if you are going to be exercising in front of a mirror anywhere. You have to start seeing the hottie inside of you again! Visualization of who you want to be is essential.