It’s never the weight. Bar squats at Junior’s Gym, Granada, Nicaragua.

Junior's Gym, Bar Squats, Month 6. Bambooo Fitness

There has been a theme running through the last week of my life that keeps popping up with my training. Whatever the physical challenge that is presented, most of the effort of achieving it involves my mind more than my body.

Bertina reminded me yesterday when we started a bar squat routine that I could do double the amount of weight that was on the bar, but I have to believe it.  The real resistance is fear and underestimation of ability; my mind’s need to set limitations is the real hurdle that has to be overcome. She’s right. As I watch the playback of my few warm up squats with no weights on the bar, I can see my shoulders are hunched with tension breaking the straightness in my back. The video clearly shows me hover and hesitate in the squat above the area where if I sink down another 4 inches I will actually get some real benefit from the motion.

But I know what I am thinking. It’s going to hurt and I am going to get stuck there. Continue reading “It’s never the weight. Bar squats at Junior’s Gym, Granada, Nicaragua.”