Day 2: This is it! First day strength training at Junior’s Gym.

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Chris looks me right in the eyes and fairly warns me. “You realize that you are going to hate me the next day.”

Bertina laughs, because although you would never guess it now, she was like me, just at the beginning a few years ago, and can attest to the truth of his forecast. “But you will get past it,” she says, “and then it will get easier and you will want to do even more.”

I believe both of them. I have known Bertina and Chris for just few months but I grasped from the first time I met them that they didn’t waste their Granada days with niceties and empty occupations. When Chris gets up in the morning, he knows where he is going. Bertina also has inner purpose and discipline and I was instinctively drawn to both their strength and certainty of direction.

And then there is of course, their compelling radiant good health and beauty which is impossible to ignore. Continue reading “Day 2: This is it! First day strength training at Junior’s Gym.”