On Any Given Sunday: Building Muscle, Learning Pauses

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Today when Chris and Bertina come by in the morning, Chris looks right, then left, and hands me a baggie of white powder.

Don’t jump to conclusions, he deadpans. I laugh. This is so Chris. You’re doing more now, and you’re asking more of your body. You need to feed your muscles, he says.

He explains that he’s brought me the good stuff. Protein powder that has 23 grams of protein per scoop. Talk about the good goods! I am to put it into a smoothie with whatever I want that makes it taste good to me. Chris emphasizes that it is a supplement that is an addition to the regular foods I consume and is not a replacement for anything. Continue reading “On Any Given Sunday: Building Muscle, Learning Pauses”

Day 22: Backed up against the wall.

Yoga, Wall Triangle, Granada, Nicaragua, Personal Fitness

It’s been a few days since I have been with Ronn and there is a temptation to want to treat yoga as a lesser discipline that plays second fiddle to the greater physical leaps that are more obvious in strength training exercises. If I can now hold a sit position at the wall for 1 minute with Bertina beating my ½ minute last week, I want to keep jumping forward everyday into similarly measurable advances.

To be fair, there is a kind of progress that I can observe with yoga, but it a quieter change often below the surface of my physical presence. In my hour in the studio, I have to restrain my mental inclinations to not wander around my life, regurgitating conversations or planning future events. It is work enough to focus my thinking on my breathing and then travel down my body finding areas where I can be bettered aligned to seek the virtue in the pose. Continue reading “Day 22: Backed up against the wall.”