Day 15: Breathing with half a nose.

When I come in to a dark studio I see Ronn laying on his back with headphones listening to his Spanish language lessons on a podcast. This is the calm that I need right now and I lay down on a mat to wait for him to finish. Ronn eventually sits up and tells me that a very important exercise has been missing from our practice that he was reminded about over the weekend. He explains to me about the meditative power of alternative nostril breathing and shows me what it looks like. Continue reading “Day 15: Breathing with half a nose.”

Day 5: Meditation: What should I think about?

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Ron corrects my neck position as we begin meditation.

What should I think about? Should I hold everything together?

No. Like stones stack on top of each other. Effortless alignment. This frees the mind. No need to hold on.

The whole class we are preparing the body for this moment of letting go.

What should I think about? The stones? Continue reading “Day 5: Meditation: What should I think about?”