The mystique of ghetto chic. Why I love Junior’s Gym: Granada, Nicaragua.

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There is a buzz going around Granada about the new gym in town. Two stories of air-conditioned glory rising up from a vacant lot in the historic center. It is rumored that it will be first-rate: expensive memberships, brand new equipment coming on a slow boat from China, a sauna, and who knows (these are rumors mind you), maybe even multiple bathrooms?

I know, I know, I know. It’s good for Granada. I am all in favor of competition and there is room for everyone. But I intend to stay loyal to Junior’s Gym, where the fundamentals still rule and honest results trump all other distractions.

Okay, yeah. Junior’s has got some issues. The whole place is a freakin liability, right? Continue reading “The mystique of ghetto chic. Why I love Junior’s Gym: Granada, Nicaragua.”